After a few rains, wild fungi quietly appeared
2024-05-13 source:mingala news

When the rain comes, the bacteria smile.  After a few rains, wild fungi quietly appeared.  That’s right!  The first wave of wild fungi in Yuxi is finally here!

Early in the morning, the entrance to the store selling wild mushrooms in Maqiao Agricultural Products Wholesale Market in Hongta District became busy.  Baskets of wild mushrooms are freshly put on the shelves, attracting many citizens to inquire about the prices or purchase them.  Because many diners are looking forward to fresh wild mushrooms.  Restaurant operators also come early to buy wild mushrooms. Although the delicious taste of wild mushrooms cannot be disappointed, safety must be the first priority when eating wild mushrooms.  For example: if you see "little people" after eating fungi, please seek medical treatment immediately
special reminder:
Never pick or eat wild mushrooms you don’t recognize!