Yunnan's first batch of out-of-area bonded repair parts to be repaired were successfully imported through customs
2024-02-29 source:Love Yunnan

On February 26, the first batch of 1,182 "smart TV boxes (to be repaired)" declared to be imported by Kunming Wenxun Industrial Co., Ltd. for out-of-area bonded repairs were cleared by customs, marking the official launch of Yunnan Province's first out-of-area bonded repair project  business.  

In January 2023, Kunming Wenxun Industrial Co., Ltd. was approved to carry out the repair business of seven self-produced export products, including tablets, mobile phones, and TV boxes, in a bonded manner outside the special customs supervision area, becoming the first area in Yunnan Province that can carry out repairs.  The operating entity of foreign bonded maintenance business.