Kunming Urban Farm Will Be Rated with Three Grades from Grade A to Grade AAA

Released recently, The Rating and Assessment of Urban Manor Farm Tourism Service will be officially implemented from July 1st, 2017. By the end of 2016, the Leading Group Office of Kunming Urban Farm approved the construction of 68 urban farms in total, among which nearly half of them have opened for business and gained economic benefits. Urban Farms have functions such as tour with sightseeing, leisure, holiday-making, farming experience, nursing home, education, culture, and intensive processing.

According to The Rating and Assessment of Urban Farm Tourism Service, Urban Farms work will be rated successively with three grades from Grade A to Grade AAA. The criteria of each grade are mainly set on eight indicators, i.e., surrounding environment, traffic condition, site condition, catering service, room service, featured project, service quality and performance indicator.