Water-Splashing Festival Booms Thailand and Yunnan Tourism With Some Tourist Routes’ Price Rising 30%

The annual Thailand Songkran Festival—the same as the Water-Splashing Festival celebrated by Dai people in Yunnan, China—is celebrated on April 13, 2017. It is reported that, even though there are still 20 days away from the festival, consultations and reservations for Thailand tour have increased significantly during the Songkran Festival; the Thailand tour goes into the booking peak. According to the insiders’ prediction, the Songkran Festival is expected to become another tourism peak after Qingming Festival.

Data from Lvmama.com, a network platform, shows that the number of tourists travelling to Yunnan during the Water-Splashing Festival rises 30% on year-on-year basis. Obviously, Xishuangbanna is the most popular destination in Yunnan, and many tourist routes to Xishuangbanna have been fully reserved.

During the Water-Splashing Festival, Xishuangbanna hotel price rises at large; many tourist routes’ price to Xishuangbanna increases at varying degrees, with 300-1000 yuan (43-145$) on average and the amount of increase around 10% to 35%. At the off-peak season, the price of the 6-day Tour to Kunming, Xishuangbanna and Yuxi with three-destination flights fare is 2,988 yuan (434$), but it rises to 3,928 yuan (570$) during the festival, and the reservations are still flourishing and full.